Hope everyone is having a great week. This week we are working on a short story unit. The students have chosen or will choose from three short stories to read. They will read and highlight the text elements that we have learned such as conflict, theme, and the parts of the plot diagram. In groups they will create a story poster to share with the class.

A large part of the students grades this nine weeks will come form using the READING PLUS on line program. Each student should complete five” SEE READERS” per week. Although we spend one entire class period ( 90 minutes) ,as well as additional time other periods, they may need to work at home to complete all 5. In addition it is excellent practice in reading so please support your student in using this resource. Students should go to Reading Plus.com our site Code: rpgriff1 Student log in: Lunch number for both user and password. If you have questions please let me know! Happy Halloween!


We finished our Narrative unit test at the end of last week. As I told students we will have out test Monday and Tuesday. I told them I would post review material on the blog. The should not the information on the following charts: They should do well if they know these, what the theme of a story is is and what a conflict is. We have been over these many times! All work for this 9 weeks must be turned in on later than Wednesday pm. All grades for this grading period other than the test will be posted by tomorrow am.

Point of View Anchor Chart from my 6th grade classroom :-)
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